School Coaching

Physical Education

Working alongside each individual school we provide curriculum PE lessons across all year groups to specific schemes aimed at covering the broadest range of topics possible throughout each academic year. All lessons are structured with objectives and outcomes to ensure maximum learning for all students. We commit to planning, delivering and assessing to ensure that a complete service is provided. This service can be provided to suit the needs of each school in the form of either upskilling or as PPA cover.

Breakfast Club

Not only is it proven that physical activity before school helps to aid concentration, it means that parents can rest assured that their child’s body is being as active as his or her mind. Our breakfast clubs are predominately multi sports based but can be sports specific according to the school’s wishes and requirements. The structure of the club consists of physical activity followed by a healthy breakfast and drink. DSC breakfast clubs are a great way for each child to start the day, it means an extra hour for parents to get to work while knowing their child is being physically active before school and having a healthy dose of fun.

Lunch Time Club

Physical activity during school hours not only breaks up the day for a child but can improve concentration and focus for the afternoons lessons. Our specialist lunch time clubs focus on fun and enjoyment but also provide children fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports specific skills to develop as athletes. We offer a range of sports to give all children the opportunity to participate and benefit from physical activity at lunchtime. We are able to accommodate different requirements that individual schools may require such as timings, providing equipment and group size.

After School Club

Our specialist after school clubs not only offers children the opportunity to take part in physical activity to ensure a healthy lifestyle, but provides high quality specialist coaching across twelve sports. This is where each child is performing and mastering sports specific movements and techniques in their desired sport.

The Dellar Sports Coaching team will provide a more one to one approach to coaching the children to ensure maximum development is achieved. Our after school clubs provide parents with the perfect solution to staying on at work for an extra hour hassle free knowing their child is having lots of fun whilst developing as athletes in a safe environment.

Club Coaching

We offer sport specific coaching to all youth age group, adult men and women teams in a variety of sports
We will provide all the training equipment for each session. We also supply sports specific equipment and clothing for individuals that require them. We are flexible with the venue, making it easier for your club. We can and will make arrangements (depending on training area available) to hold each session at a venue of your choice.

Holiday Camps

DSC sports camps are designed to provide all children the opportunity to participate in physical activity in a fun, enjoyable and safe environment. Children are given the opportunity to learn new skills in a wide variety of sports whilst making new friends.

Dellar Sports Coaching delivers a range of sports camps during school holidays throughout the duration of the year. We aim to try and offer the broadest range of sports we possibly can from multi sports, to football to gymnastics. This is so we can give all children whatever their interests the chance to attend our camps and enjoy learning in a sporting environment. Not only do we place emphasis on enhancing individual physical and technical ability we also aim to ensure that children attending our camps learn to work in teams and help their peers.

Not only are our Sports Camps a fun and beneficial solution to the sometimes long and boring school holidays for children. They are also practical for parents. DSC sports camps typically run from 9 – 5pm and are priced at £15 per day. This is an amazing £1.80 per hour!. We believe in making our holiday camps as cost efficient and flexible as possible. Parents can go to work or have a day of leisure knowing that their children are having fun in the enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment that our coaching team creates.

Birthday Parties

Take the stress away from your child’s party and let us organise and deliver it for you!

Two hour party price from £175.00. Includes the following:

  • DSC coaching staff
  • Providing of all necessary equipment
  • Bouncy Castles / Inflatables
  • Birthday gift for birthday boy or girl
  • Up to 30 children
  • Delivery of a variety of sports to suit your child’s wishes
  • Tea and coffee for parents
  • * Please note parents will have to provide a venue and party food / birthday cake *

    If you would like more information regarding a DSC birthday party please contact us via telephone or email.